What You Can Do in Aegina Island

From colossal ancient landmarks to pristine beaches, Greece is truly every traveller’s paradise. And if you think that you have seen everything that this beautiful country has to offer, there is actually more to it than those tourist catalogues can offer. Head to Aegina Island and experience one or all of the following activities that you can enjoy on your holiday on this oasis.

    • Feel the Sand on Your Toes

    If you love the sun and sand, then you will surely adore this island’s exotic beaches. From its clear waters to its powdery-white sand, getting that golden tan will certainly be pleasurable.

    • Satisfy Your Palate

    Greeks are not only known for their interesting culture, but they are also recognised for their great cuisine. And if you crave for fresh seafood, just head to the village side and enjoy a variety of crustacean dishes at affordable prices. Cafes and restaurants also offer international cuisines that you could try.

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